Sometimes when reading up on a new technology, we are confronted with a section that is overly technical and detailed. Yes, it is important that these sections exist so that we can deep dive and make sure the logic and processed behind the tech is sound BUT often we want to just jump in and use it. We need a quick section on why and how to implement the tech that doesn’t include details on how it’s made.

Introducing TT;DR (Too Technical; Didn’t Read)

A section that you can include in your articles to give the reader a quick overview of the tech, without forcing them to wade through technical/industry specific jargon or irreverent content to a user.

This idea is based on the commonly used TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read). A section in many online texts and articles to ensure a time poor or lazy reader gets value out of your content or can bookmark it for in-depth later reading.

Why did I coin this term?

When I think about the type of content that I like to write, often I want to go deep on some of the more technical aspects of the topic. I foresee that this could go over the heads of many readers, forcing them to take out the time to brush up on the topic specific terminology to understand that section. I’d like to give the readers a brief summary of the technical content so they can choose whether to skip over that section.

If you also think the TT;DR acronym would be helpful. Hyperlink this article when you use it so that your readers may understand what the purpose of the section.